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Copying, printing, scanning

To use our multifunctional copiers, you require a chip card (student ID, JMU Card, University Library copy card) to pay for your copies/printouts.

Our prices per page are: 

  • Black and white copies: A4 0,06 €, A3 0,12 €
  • Colour copies: A4 0,18 €, A3 0,36 €

At our copiers you can print PDF and JPG files directly from the USB stick. You can read how to create a file for printing in our instructions.
You can make colour scans free of charge and save them on your USB stick, e.g. as PDF.

Don’t have a chip card?

Copy cards (without credit) are available at the Main Library lending desk for €7.00. You can top up your copy card cashless at the debit card top-up machines in the Main Library and the Departmental Library for Law.

We offer individual copy cards for institutes and chairs: Order and top-up form (PDF, 130 KB, in German only).

Some devices also work without a chip card. You must pay cash to use these devices (only coins, no change given).


Cash payment options (coin copier) and colour printing/copying (colour copier) are indicated in parentheses.

  • Main Library (colour copiers on the ground floor, colour and coin copiers in main reading rooms 1 and 2)
  • Departmental Library for Biosciences
  • Departmental Library for Business Management and Economics
  • Departmental Library for Chemistry and Pharmacy
  • Departmental Library for Cultural, Historical and Earth Sciences (TB KGG)
  • Departmental Library for English Studies, German Studies and Romance Studies (TB AGR)
  • Departmental Library for Law (colour and coin copiers on the 1st floor)
  • Departmental Library for Mathematics
  • Departmental Library for Music
  • Departmental Library for Physics, Astronomy, Computer Science and Media
  • Departmental Library for Practical Theology Paradeplatz
  • Departmental Library for Psychology
  • Departmental Library for Theology Sanderring
  • Wittelsbacherplatz Departmental Library
  • Coordination Centre Würzburg Residence

  • Locations: Main Library (main reading room 1), Departmental Library for English Studies, German Studies and Romance Studies, Departmental Library for Cultural, Historical and Earth Sciences (TB KGG), Departmental Library for Law and the Wittelsbacherplatz Departmental Library.
  • These devices can be used to produce colour scans up to A2 format free of charge.
  • Instructions can be found on the device.
  • You can save the scans on a flash drive or send them by e-mail. You will also need a flash drive at the Book2net scanning stations in the Main Library to send the files by e-mail.

  • To use the computer workstations with flatbed scanners in the Main Library (main reading room 1 and entrance hall), you will need a library card or a JMU account.
  • Scanning is free of charge.
  • You can print out the scans via our printing system, send them via the university webmailer or save them on a USB stick.
  • You can find instructions on the desktop or ask at the information desk, which can also provide a short manual.

  • You will find one microfilm scanner in main reading room 1 and one in the special collections reading room in the Main Library.
  • Scanning is free of charge.
  • You can save the scans on a flash drive.
  • Reserve the scanner at the information desk and make an appointment for an induction if necessary