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  • Spezial-Buchwiege des Digitalisierungszentrums mit Elfenbein-Codex, M.p.th.f.65
University Library

Digital library

The digital library contains digital versions of copyright-free printed works from our collection and from project partners. The digital library also contains an increasing number of electronic texts acquired through automatic optical character recognition (OCR).

Franconica Online provides access to important historical texts and images relating to Lower Franconia. A Franconian regional portal Franconica Online brings together local and regional digitisation projects on Franconian history.

The virtual library provides online access to some of our collections. Here we offer complete collection groups with extensive meta information from portal and project pages as well as individual manuscripts, printed works, graphics and maps.

The Libri Sancti Kiliani collection contains digital images of 214 manuscripts from the former Würzburg Cathedral library, including splendid manuscripts such as the St. Kilian Gospel.