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Experience History – Interactive Exhibition

Numerous interactive stations invite visitors to immerse themselves in the world of our fascinating exhibits: encrypt texts like the magician Trithemius, follow the travel reports of world explorers, and solve the mystery of Beringer’s Lying Stones in a Virtual Reality game.

Alongside the various digital features of the exhibition, there are also accessible educational formats such as target-group-specific guided tours (for children, school classes) and a virtual exhibition tour using the "Actionbound" app. Themed highlight tours, evening events, and digital workshops are set to transform the exhibition into a place where history comes alive and can be experienced up close with the whole family.

The interactive approach to the exhibits and historical sources is designed to encourage visitors to question the events and stories presented. Some will certainly see their own understanding of the world and the truth put on trial - is it fact or fake or perhaps even both?

In the age of “Artificial Intelligence”, the exhibition may also provide an opportunity to explore the limitations of human intelligence, as well as the differences and intersections between virtual simulation and investigative creativity, and in doing so to subsequently understand the essential role of a library in the scientific landscape.