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University Library
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Who we are what we do

We as a university library ...

... gather knowledge.

Students and academics at the University use the library to find the literature they need for their work. Members of other higher education institutions and people from the city and region can also use our services.
As a regional library, we archive and index all publications in and about Lower Franconia.

... bundle information.

Our courses, tutorials and other services show you the best way to find the information you need.

... help research to succeed.

We work with academics and other institutions to develop and manage infrastructures to store, process and publish research data.

... preserve knowledge.

Our collections of historic manuscripts and prints reflect the University Library’s importance within cultural history. It is our job to preserve these treasures for the future, to research them and make them accessible.

... are one of the region’s cultural hubs.

We offer a varied programme, ranging from readings to exhibitions and public tours.