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University Library


Departmental Library for Law


According to the infection protection concept of JMU (as of 01.06.2022), the following applies to the use of the University Library:

  • In buildings and enclosed spaces of the university, the recommendation to wear a face mask applies, especially where a distance of 1.5 m to other persons cannot be safely maintained.
  • Most learning and computer workstations in the University Library may be used without prior reservation. The learning workstations in the small reading rooms of the Main Library and in individual zones of some departmental libraries remain reservable.
  • In the departmental libraries ZOM | ZIM and Dental Clinic, access is still restricted to medical students, the test modalities are as currently specified by the UKW for medical students. FFP2 masks are still mandatory. At a fixed sitting or standing place, the mask may also be removed there, provided that the minimum distance is reliably maintained.

All online services are available without restrictions. We recommend that all members and students of the university primarily use our wide range of e-books, e-journals and databases.

In the departmental library you will find the borrowable media of the law textbook collection as well as a non-lending reference collection of special legal literature.

The media of the textbook collection can be identified by the call number "80/", the media of the law reference collection by the call number "250/".

Important notes

  • Excluded from entering the library are persons showing symptoms indicative of a COVID-19 disease such as cough, cold, sore throat, fever (≥ 38.0°C), loss of smell and taste.
  • In buildings and enclosed spaces of the university, the recommendation to wear a face mask applies, especially where a distance of 1.5 m to other persons cannot be safely maintained.

Items in the departmental library reading rooms (shelf marks starting with "250/") are not available for loan but can be copied or scanned on site.

Items from the textbook collection (shelf marks starting with "80/") are available for loan. The textbook collection can be found on the 2nd and 3rd floor, in front of the group carrels.

More information on further lending conditions can be found in the Guidelines on the use of departmental libraries (PDF, 187 KB).


WiFi, multifunctional copiers, Book2net scanning station, earplug vending machine

Study desks

A total of 400 study desks are available, including 294 laptop workstations with sockets, 3 computer workstations with Internet access (only via library card) and 1 research station (electronic catalogue).

Via the TB Law you can also access the CIP pool of the law faculty with further computer workstations for law students. The CIP pool is located behind reading room 1.

Group study rooms

The law library offers 6 group study rooms for student work groups, three of which are equipped with whiteboards.

The study rooms can only be booked by JMU students. They can be booked a maximum of four days in advance.
Please confirm your booking within 15 minutes after using the room, otherwise the booked period will be cancelled


Further important information can be found in the reservation portal under "Please read and note".


Reservation of group study rooms



Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take jackets and bags (including laptop bags) into the law library. Exception: You may use transparent bags to transport your work materials.


Lockers can be found in front of the law library for storing your bags and jackets. You need a 2-euro coin to use them. Please note that in the interest of everyone, the lockers may not be occupied overnight.

Remember not to leave valuables in the lockers. Please do not use any "replacement chips" for the 2-euro piece, as this can damage the lock, for which you will then be held liable.

Permanent lockers

The law departmental library offers students the opportunity to receive one of a total of 125 long-term lockers for one semester. The lockers are located in the hallway in front of the Dean's Office. The permanent lockers are issued shortly before the start of the semester. We will announce the exact date and the issue modalities well in advance by posting notices in the  library.

Food and beverages

It is not permitted to take food into the library.

You are welcome to take non-alcoholic drinks to your study desk in leak-proof, sealable containers, but please do not pour them into open containers (e.g. cups).

House rules of the University Library



Specialist information


Department head and subject librarian

Christian Schmauch

Subject librarian for Law
Building: Domerschulstr. 16
Room: 126

Departmental library employees

Thomas Barth

Building: Domerschulstraße 16
Room: 126

Ruth Bärtlein

Building: Domerschulstraße 16
Room: 126

Marion Freund

Building: Domerschulstraße 16
Room: 128

Harald Scheller

Building: Domerschulstraße 16
Room: 126

Christine Schön

Building: Domerschulstraße 16
Room: 126

Bernhard Werner

Building: Domerschulstraße 16
Room: 129

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