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All online services are available without restrictions. We recommend that all members and students of the university primarily use our wide range of e-books, e-journals and databases.

In the departmental library you will find the borrowable media of the law textbook collection as well as a non-lending reference collection of special legal literature.

The media of the textbook collection can be identified by the call number "80/", the media of the law reference collection by the call number "250/".

Against the background of the spread of the coronavirus, Würzburg University Library has implemented the specifications of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Art to restrict public access and service offerings. In the context of the current exceptional situation, we ask for your understanding for these measures.

From 10.03.2021: Opening for lending/returning and scanning/copying
From 16.03.2021: Use of learning workstations

From Wednesday, 10.03.2021, the Departmental Library for Law will be open Mon - Fri from 9.00 to 15.00 for all users for borrowing/returning media and for copying/scanning (see point B.1).
From Monday, 15.03.2021, the opening hours will be extended to 8.00 to 18.00.
From Tuesday, 16.03.2021, JMU students will also be able to book workstations via an online ticket system (see point B.2).

A. Important notes on use

  • Excluded from entering the library are persons showing symptoms indicative of a COVID-19 disease such as cough, cold, sore throat, fever (≥ 38.0°C), loss of smell and taste.
  • Please wear a mouth-nose protection in the building, inside the library and at the copiers/scanners it is mandatory to wear a FFP2 mask.
  • You must also wear an FFP2 mask for the entire duration of your stay at the workplaces reserved online in advance (only for JMU students, from 16.03.2021).
  • The lockers are accessible. A longer stay there (break etc.) is not permitted.
  • Please keep sufficient distance to other people, outside and inside the library.
  • Copiers and scanners are available. The book scanner is currently located in group workroom 1.
  • Computer workstations are not available, neither in the Infodesk area nor in the CIP pool.
  • Group study rooms are not available

B. Possibilities of use (opening hours: 10.03. to 12.03.: 9.00 to 15.00, from 15.03.: Mon - Fri, 8.00 to 18.00)

1. All users - short stay for borrowing/returning and copying/scanning (from 10.03.2021)

  • Opening for scanning/copying, as well as for lending and return
  • Please research in advance in the catalogue which titles you need to keep your stay as short as possible.
  • Admission only with short-stay tickets. Tickets are available at the entrance of the departmental library. Please return the tickets on leaving the library.
  •  Maximum stay: 30 minutes
  • The emergency loan via notausleihe-tb-recht@bibliothek.uni-wuerzburg.de will be discontinued from 10.03.2020.

2. Students of the JMU - In addition to No.1, very limited contingent of learning workplaces with prior online reservation. (from 16.03./bookable from 15.03.)

  • For the time being, until the end of March, only about 30 learning workstations in reading rooms 1, 2 and 3. Therefore, please only use the workstations if you actually need to work with the collection.
  • Two-shift system: Mon-Fri, 8:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 18:00
  • Reservation via online ticket system. You will find the links to the booking system below. Only one of the two shifts may be booked per day. The first places can be booked from Monday, 15.03, for 16.03 and the following days. After that, bookings can be made on Fridays from 9:00 a.m. for the entire next week.
  • IMPORTANT: Please cancel your reservations that you no longer need. Your booking confirmation email will contain a link to the booking centre where you can make the cancellation.
  • The majority of the learning workstations are intended exclusively for students of the Faculty of Law because of the homework and seminar papers currently being written, but a small contingent is also available for students of all faculties so that they can also access the holdings as part of their final theses.
  • Proof of eligibility upon admission: Presentation of the ticket and enrolment certificate (places law students) or student card (places: all students)
  • FFP 2 masks mandatory throughout the library and also at workplaces.
  • Even without a learning workstation, you can still enter the TB with a short stay ticket for scanning/copying and borrowing/returning (see point B.1 above).

In view of the large number of currently ongoing studies and term papers, we ask our external users for their understanding that we are not able to offer them jobs at present.

Further information on the current situation

The use of the learning workstations is only permitted after prior reservation. You are allowed to book one of the offered periods per opening day. Wearing an FFP2 mask is obligatory for visitors to the library. You must also keep the FFP2 mask on at the learning workstations.

Due to the renovation of the toilet facilities on the 1st floor, construction noise is to be expected from Monday, 07.06.2021.



Specialist information


Department head and subject librarian

Christian Schmauch

Subject librarian for Law
Building: Domerschulstr. 16
Room: 126

Departmental library employees

Leoni Albert

Building: Domerschulstraße 16
Room: 129

Thomas Barth

Building: Domerschulstraße 16
Room: 126

Ruth Bärtlein

Building: Domerschulstraße 16
Room: 126

Birgit Dölfel

Building: Domerschulstraße 16
Room: 126

Marion Freund

Building: Domerschulstraße 16
Room: 128

Harald Scheller

Building: Domerschulstraße 16
Room: 126

Christine Schön

Building: Domerschulstraße 16
Room: 126

Luisa Schrauth

Building: Domerschulstr. 16
Room: 129

Bernhard Werner

Building: Domerschulstraße 16
Room: 129

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