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Old stock

Old collections at the University Library Würzburg

The old stock of the university library is successively inserted into the online catalog. The following stocks have not yet been fully documented:

  • Main Library collections before 1953
  • Holdings of the following departmental libraries before 1983
    • 250    Law
    • 302    Apotheke des Klinikums (sectional library)
    • 314    Ophtalmology
    • 316    Gynaecology
    • 317    Dentistry
    • 319    Psychotherapy
    • 326    Anatomy
    • 329    History of Medicine
    • 408    Slavic Studies
    • 503    Wittelsbacherplatz (departmental library, stack collection)
    • 545    Centre for Sports and Physical Education
    • 655    Geodynamics  (formerly: Mineralogy)
    • 890    Martin-von-Wagner-Museum
  • Research Centre for the Teutonic Order (shelf mark 486)
  • Collections acquired before 2000 from the library of the University of Music (Hochschule für Musik) in the groups performance materials, musical scores, piano scores and lead vocals

Our microfiche catalogues also contain collections not yet added to the online catalogue. These catalogues are located in the Main Reading Room 1 opposite the CDs. We will be happy to show you how to operate the microfiche machines.