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Important (for Mac users): Citavi only works under Windows. Citavi Web is not yet included in the university licence. For Mac users who do not want to do without Citavi, there is the option of using Citavi via a so-called virtual machine on the Mac. You can find instructions on how to do this in the Citavi manual.

Checklist for installing and setting up Citavi:

  • To download the software, please follow the instructions of the Information Technology Center. The download takes place via the portal "Studisoft" (in German only).
  • Citavi Web: you can use this version on any operating system. All you need is a current browser. Please note, that Citavi Web is not included in the licence of the University.
  • To search specialist databases licensed by the University Library, you need to import the Citavi settings file (CSD, 3,8 KB) once. This can only be downloaded from within the university network. Right-click to save the Citavi settings file on your computer. Then import it into Citavi (Menu > Tools > Import/Export Settings).