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Citavi literature management programme

Programme functions

  • Citavi picker: Copy titles found on the Internet into Citavi with one click.
  • Knowledge management: create an outline in Citavi and assign the appropriate references to the individual chapters.
  • Task planning: keep an overview of your project by writing down tasks for each title and setting milestones for your literature project.

Checklist for installing and setting up Citavi:

  • Important: Citavi runs only on Windows.
  • Download  of the free version: you can use a fully functional version and save 100 references per project, even without registering. Follow the link www.citavi.com/en/download
  • Download of the licensed version via Studisoft: follow the instructions of the IT-Center (in German only)
  • To search specialist databases licensed by the University Library, you need to import the Citavi settings file (CSD, 3,8 KB) once. This can only be downloaded from within the university network. Right-click to save the Citavi settings file on your computer. Then import it into Citavi (Menu > Tools > Import/Export Settings).