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University Library

Academics and employees

... at the University

Go to User-Portal to activate your JMU Card for use as a library card.

As an academic, you automatically receive special lending conditions.

Lecturers without a JMU Card can also apply for these special lending conditions.

Request and delivery conditions

... at the University Hospital

As an academic, you can request special lending conditions.

We issue a library card for university employees to other employees of the University Hospital. Please come to the information of the Main Library and bring your valid identity card, your valid proof of employment and € 7 deposit in cash for the card.

Request and delivery conditions

... at other universities

If you are resident in Germany, you can request a library card for a 7 € deposit via our online form for people in the city and region.

If you are visiting the University for a short time (a few weeks), we recommend that you use the group account for the Chair that invited you.

If you are staying for longer, for example for the whole semester, you can request a card with special lending conditions via the Chair.

Lost cards

Caution! Unauthorised persons could borrow books in your name. Please report the loss immediately to our Information (Phone: +49 931 31-85906) or the administration of our circulation desk (Phone: +49 931 31-85929,  ub-ausleihe@uni-wuerzburg.de.