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Using electronic media

The University Library of Würzburg provides you with a wide range of e-books, e-journals and databases. All licensed electronic media are included in the library's catalogue.
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The e-media licensed by the University Library of Würzburg can only be accessed in the university network of the University of Würzburg. If you study or work at the university, you have a JMU account and can use it to access the licensed e-media from outside the university.
> Informations for University Hospital employees

Users without a JMU account can access most licensed electronic media at a computer workstation in the Main Library . Before first use, you must activate your login for the computer workstations. It is best to bring a USB stick with you to save the PDF files.

For each e-book in our Online Catalogue you can find a full text button that you may click on to read or download the e-book. The terms of use depend on the respective provider.

E-journals in the catalogue can be accessed via the Electronic Journals Library (EZB). A traffic light system indicates whether the articles are available. The link "to the fulltexts" indicates the licensed time period and directs you to the journal’s homepage. There you can access the desired text.
> EZB help

In the catalogue you will find a selection of articles from (electronic) journals only in the hit list "Articles & more". Sometimes the link via the full text button in "Articles & more" does not work. In this case it may be reasonable to search for the journal title again in the catalogue and to check whether the journal is available in printed or electronic form at University Library of Würzburg .

In databases you can search for specialized publications independently from the holdings of our library. The complete collection of databases available in the university network of the University of Würzburg can be found in our database information system (DBIS).
> Usage hints (in German)

Access to electronic media licensed by the University Library of Würzburg requires compliance with the terms of use and copyright regulations.

Some publishers and providers track the research behavior of users, create profiles and evaluate this information for their own purposes without the consent of the persons concerned (data tracking). Use the options for Protection against data tracking by scientific publishers.