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DEAL contract with Wiley

The University of Würzburg participates in the nationwide DEAL contract with the publisher Wiley. The contract is valid from 2019 to 2023.

The pricing model during the duration oft he contract is based on article fees, not subscription costs. Each article, which is published in a Wiley subscription journal, will be charged with a Publish-and-Read-Fee. The Publish-and-Read-Fee covers the Publish and Read components mentioned below.

If you are member of the University of Würzburg, this means:

  • You have access to the content of all Wiley journals as of 1997. .
    • The access to this content will remain after the end of the contract. (Read component).
  • All research and review articles of corresponding authors of the University of Würzburg will be published as Open Access articles, provided that the journal is a Wiley subscription journal with Open Access Option. This applies to all articles accepted from 1st of July 2019 to 31st of December 2023 (Publish component).
    • Normally Wiley will inform you directly if your article meets the criteria.
    • The costs for the Publish and Read component are covered by the University Library.
    • You are not bound to use the Open Access Option in these journals. However the University will save no costs if you don’t use the Open Access Option.
  • You receive a discount of 20 % on publications in Gold Open Access journals.
  • The costs for articles in Gold Open Access journals can be funded by the publication fund of the University if you meet the criteria for funding.

Further information regarding Project DEAL

Further informatiin from Wiley