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Subject information: Medicine

Books and journals in the Main Library

Books can be found in the reading room on the 2nd floor under the shelf marks 20/WW … bis 20/Y ….

Journals can be found under the shelf marks  21/XA….

You will find study-relevant literature available for loan in the textbook collection under the shelf marks  24/Anat, 24/Chir, 24/Derm, 24/For, 24/Gyn, 24/HNO, 24/Hyg, 24/Int, 24/Med. Allg., 24/Neur, 24/Opht, 24/Orth, 24/Pädiatr, 24/Path, 24/Pharm, 24/Physiol, 24/Rönt, 24/Zahn

General plan: 2nd floor (PDF, 307 KB)

Books and journals in the departmental libraries

Books and journals from the departmental libraries for medicine have a shelf mark with a three-digit number beginning with 3 (302/... - 350/…).

Fundamental study literature can be found in the medical textbook collection (Teaching Hospital) under the shelf mark 81/... and in the Teaching Hospital departmental library, the dental clinic departmental library and the ZOM ZIM departmental library.

General plans: Teaching Hospital departmental library (PDF, 52 KB), Dental clinic departmental library (PDF, 42 KB), ZOM |  ZIM departmental library (PDF, 66 KB)

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Literature search tips are summarised on a separate page.


The most important database for medical questions are:

PubMed is the most comprehensive medical database and contains information about articles from specialist medical journals.

Science Citation Index Expanded allows you to search the reference lists of publications containing related articles.

Articles from German or German-language journals not included in PubMed can be searched via CC Med. Systematic reviews and controlled clinical studies can be found in the Cochrane Library.