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  • Ausschnitt aus dem Umschlag des Franken-Kalender 1895, Würzburg 1894; UB Würzburg, 54/Rp 5,174-8
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Rp shelf marks

The system of using class numbers to organise items with the ‘Rp’ shelf mark (‘Res patriae’) began over 200 years ago and is still used for the stack collection.


Rp 1 Bibliographies and the study of sources on Franconian history, Franconian
  historiography, collected writings
Rp 2 Journals, newspapers, series
Rp 3 General history and regional studies of Franconia (as a whole)
Rp 4 Specific history and regional studies of Franconia (individual regions)
Rp 5 History of individual territories
Rp 6 Individual events, conference proceedings, touring exhibitions
Rp 7 Franconian natural history (fauna, flora, geology, climate, etc.)
Rp 8 Franconian folklore studies and Franconian authors
Rp 9 Catholic Church in the Bishopric of Würzburg
Rp 10 Catholic Church in the Bishopric of Bamberg
Rp 11 Evangelical Church
Rp 12 Jewish history
Rp 13 Law and administration
Rp 14 Education; archives and libraries
Rp 15 Art, music, theatre
Rp 16 Business and commerce
Rp 17 Agriculture and forestry, wine-growing
Rp 18 Coins and denominations
Rp 19 Medicine and pharmacy
Rp 20 Genealogy, sigillography and heraldry, nobility
Rp 21 Military and marksmanship
Rp 22 Societies and associations (including student fraternities), sport,
  Political parties, fire brigade
Rp 23 Places
Rp 24 People
Rp 25 Maps, plans, plate works
Rp 26 Franconica bequests (closed collections, printed material only)