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Information literacy for postgraduates and researchers

Are you at the beginning of your PhD project and want to enhance your search strategies? Come and learn how to search and find academic information more effectively!

During this workshop you learn:

  • how to explore academic information resources relevant for your research,
  • how to assess the retrieved information,
  • how to stay up-to-date in your project,
  • how to use the basics of bibliometrics in order to underpin your research
  • and how to publish in scientific journals. A theoretical introduction is followed by practical exercises in your chosen field.

Trainer: Dr. Diana Klein is the subject librarian for medicine, chemistry and pharmacy at the University Library of Würzburg. She is also responsible for journal management and open access publishing.

Date:  18th June 2018, 9 - 13

Location: Main Library, Training Room 106

Registration: Graduate School of Life Sciences.

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