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    Find your study space!


    The new guidance system of the University Library helps to find vacant study spaces.

    Each semester towards the end of the lecture period students face the same problem: They need to prepare for their exams and don't know where to quickly find an available study space in the library. While some sites are busy within a short time, elsewhere many seats are still free.

    With our guidance system, you can see at a glance where you can study in silence. It shows how many spaces in the Central Library and the Departmental Libraries are occupied. The guidance system works like a traffic light. When the light of a library is green, there are many spaces available. Libraries with yellow traffic lights are quite busy. The color red means, that all study spaces are occupied.

    We are offering you a list of our sites (Main Library and Departmental Libraries) as well as an overview map. They show you the current occupancy and where you can find free study spaces.