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Crash course literature research and management for students of biology, biochemistry and biomedicine

You are studying biology, biochemistry, or biomedicine and want to learn how to research for literature efficiently? You are in your third semester or higher and starting to write papers, which need citable literature references?

Get to know the most important basics in our course:

Literature research

  • Basic strategies and work steps (mainly searching for journal articles)
  • Tips for searching important databases (Pubmed, Science Citation Index, SciFinder, Biosis)
  • Tips for obtaining full-text documents
  • Practical exercises>

Literature management

  • Overview of possible programs
  • Collecting literary quotations with Endnote and
  • Creating bibliographies and citations with Word via Endnote

Dates and registration: in the course catalogue.

If you still need ECTS points in the ASQ Pool, visit our information literacy basic module.