The Catalogue of Würzburg University Library - search and discover

The catalogue of Würzburg University Library unites the conventional search for holdings of the Würzburg University Library with the search in our discovery service that includes several hundred million documents in one interface. We expand your search space: discover articles, picture sources or dictionary entries as well as databases or e-books of licensed or freely accessible providers.

"Catalogues" and "Articles and more"

The results of your search query are presented in two different tabs. The tab ‘catalogues’ shows results, that the library holds. The Würzburg University Library is set by default. You can broaden your query and search in the catalogue of the Library of the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt as well the union catalogue of the Bavarian Library Network. In the result list you can find out if a book is available for loan. Make a reservation if it is checked out!

The tab ‘Articles and more’ shows the results of our new discovery service. The availability of the results is checked with every search query: if licensed content is available you can use the button ‘Full text’ to open the document. With the tab ‘Get it’ you can check if the Würzburg University Library holds e. g. the printed copy of a journal in which the journal article is published. You can order content that is not available in the library via interlibrary loan.

Technical requirements

Frequently asked questions


Which holdings can I search in the tab "catalogues"?
  • Catalogue of Würzburg University Library and the Library of the University of Music Würzburg (please note: old stock of the Würzburg University Library is not completely catalogued, you can find further information here)
  • Catalogue of the Library of University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt including the stock of the Libraries of the Universities of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg and Coburg and the Hofbibliothek Aschaffenburg.
  • Union catalog of the Bavarian Library Network (university, academic and state libraries)

You can choose the catalogue holdings you want to search via ‘Database selection’.

What kind of content can I find in the tab "Article and more"?

The discovery service "Articles and more" contains many different databases and subject portals that are merged in one index – several hundred million documents. The index includes content that is freely accessible or licensed by Würzburg University Library.

Content of renowned academic databases is available such as data by BioMed Central, JSTOR, MLA, Web of Science or Wiso. Electronic journals and e-books by academic publishers are analyzed as well.

Furthermore open access documents are included. With the index you can search in digital collections for example Europeana, Wikipedia or document servers of scientific institutions where thesis or articles are published.

You can find an overview of the indexed resources in "Article and more" here.

How can I get access to content I found in "Articles and more"?

You can open electronic documents that are freely accessible or licensed by the Würzburg University Library with the button ‘Full text’. There are articles that are only available in print at the University Library. You can check with the tab ‘Get it’ if the University Library holds the printed journal. If a document is not in our stock, you can order it via interlibrary loan.

Is there anything I can’t find in "Articles and more"?

Not all licensed databases of Würzburg University Library are included in the index "Articles and more". The data is merged from very different providers. The search options are limited compared to the search possibilities in a subject-specific database. We recommend to use the Database Information System DBIS to find suitable subject-specific databases for your search in addition.

Can I use "Articles and more" off-campus?

Faculty, staff and students of Würzburg University can search the complete index of the discovery service off-campus. Please use the external off-campus access when searching the catalogue. With the off-campus access you can read licensed full texts online. If you are not a member of Würzburg University you can’t search within the whole index: just freely accessible content or data that has been enabled for the search outside the university network by the provider is available. 

More features of the catalogue
  • Renew your borrowed items
  • Reserve items directly from the result list or via the tab "Get it"
  • Order books and journal volumes which are not yet included in our catalogue (but can be found in our microfiche catalogue) offline via "stack order"
  • Request interlibrary loans
  • Enter your e-mail-address to get note before your loan period ends and when reserved books are ready for collection
  • Change your password
  • See additional information about a book such as tables of content
  • Compile a list of literature ("list of interest") and save it or export it to EndNote or Citavi 
Where can I get additional help?

For further information watch our video tutorial or contact our reference service in the Library.