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Departmental Library for Music

The departmental library for music is a special library for books, journals, musical scores, sound recordings and other items. The entire departmental library collection can be searched via the catalogue.

Items located at the Domerschulstrasse departmental library have shelf marks starting with "410/". Items on music pedagogy at the Lernwerkstatt Musik departmental library can be identified by shelf marks starting with "411/".

Against the background of the spread of the coronavirus, the University Library of Würzburg has implemented the specification of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Art. This measure is intended to protect users and staff and to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. We ask for your understanding for these measures in view of the current exceptional situation.

Services of the departmental library during the Corona Pandemic

For the supply of literature the library is open again with restrictions for borrowing Mon - Fr 10:00 - 13:00. The following special conditions of use apply:

  • Admission is limited to a maximum number of persons and is regulated by departmental library staff.
  • The stay in the library is exclusively for borrowing media and should not exceed 20 minutes.
  • Please create your media list with the shelf marks you need before your visit in the library.
  • Please take the required media from the library yourself. You are not allowed to take jackets and bags with you.
  • Please keep the recommended distance of 2 m to other people in the entire library.
  • The use of learning and computer workstations as well as copiers, printers and scanners is not permitted.
  • The toilets are closed.

Priority remains health protection! Please help us with consideration and flexibility so that we can offer this lending service again!

Lending possibilities

You can check in this list if the book you want to borrow is already on loan.

Lending conditions
- for lecturers of the institutes involved in the respective departmental library: loan period 6 months
- for lecturers of other institutes: loan period 4 weeks

Lending for students and city users: maximum 5 books, loan period 14 days (no extension possible)

Media with a red local licence plate, such as magazines, cannot be borrowed. This also applies to holdings that are particularly worthy of protection for conservation reasons.

A valid user card from the University Library or a student card from the current semester is required for borrowing.

Further information on the current situation

The departmental library is a reference library, which means that items can usually only be used on site. Short loans (three days, maximum of five books) are possible.

More information on further lending conditions can be found in the Guidelines on the use of departmental libraries (PDF, 124 KB). You will find a large collection of study-relevant literature available for loan in the Hubland Main Library.

Study desks

A total of 21 study desks are available,


Access to specialist databases for musicology literature searches, Internet access, Wi-Fi, multifunctional copier


There are twelve lockers in the library entrance area. Please bring a €1 coin with you to use a locker and remember to empty your locker in the evening.

The departmental library for music is not accessible to people with disabilities. Please contact us if you would like to borrow items from the sectional library for music. We will be happy to assist you.



Specialist information


Department head and subject librarian

Dr. Anne Schmid

Subject librarian for Ancient Near Eastern studies, Archaeology, Art, Cultural Studies of South and East Asia, Egyptology, Music, and Slavic Studies
Building: Z4, Hubland Süd (UB)
Room: 011


Anna Klostermann

Building: Domerschulstraße 13
Room: 6

Get in touch with us at any time, in writing, by telephone, by e-mail or via our contact form.