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Departmental Library for English Studies, German Studies and Romance Studies (TB AGR)


In the departmental library, you will find specialist literature on English studies, German studies and Romance studies. The entire departmental library collection can be searched via the catalogue.

The shelf marks of these items start with "450/“. Older collections also start with the following shelf marks: "452/“ (German studies, department of ethnology), "453/“ (German Studies, older department), "454/“ (German Studies, newer department), "470/“ (Romance studies).

The departmental library is a reference library, which means that items can usually only be used on site. Weekend loans are one exception: You can borrow a maximum of five items from 12:00 on Friday until the following Monday at 12:00. 

More information on further lending conditions can be found in the Guidelines on the use of departmental libraries (PDF, 124 KB). You will find a large collection of study-relevant literature available for loan in the Hubland Main Library.

Study desks

A total of 280 study desks are available, including 160 laptop workstations with power supply, 10 computer workstations with Internet access and 2 research PCs (catalogue).

The CIP pool, which has an additional 24 computer workstations, is located in room 3.U.14 and is accessible via the departmental library for English studies, Germanic studies and Romance studies.


Internet access, Wi-Fi, multifunctional copiers, Book2net scanning station


300 lockers are available outside the departmental library. Please bring your own padlock (shackle thickness 6–7 mm) and remember to empty your locker in the evening.

Study desks accessible for wheelchair users can be found on the first floor and basement level of the library. The connection between the two floors is not wheelchair accessible (winding staircase). However, there is a separate entrance to the basement; please contact the library staff if you need assistance.

Further information can be found on the webpage of KIS (Kontakt- und Informationsstelle für Studierende mit Behinderung und chronischer Erkrankung).


Information desk +49 931 31-85602
Administration +49 931 31-85676
Fax +49 931 31-856760
Email tb-agr@bibliothek.uni-wuerzburg.de

Department head

Dr. Elmar Fleuchaus

Building: Z4, Hubland Süd (UB)
Room: 116


Ursula Batliner

Building: PH1, Hubland Süd
Room: 3/E/7

Cora Collon

Building: PH1, Hubland Süd
Room: 3/E/7

Elvira Dege

Building: PH1, Hubland Süd
Room: 3/E/7

Marcelina Weglorz

Building: PH1, Hubland Süd
Room: 3/E/7

Subject librarians

Dr. Katharina Boll-Becht

Subject librarian for German Studies and European Ethnology / Cultural Anthropology, Subject librarian for franconian regional studies
Building: Z4, Hubland Süd (UB)
Room: 128

Dr. Elmar Fleuchaus

Subject librarian for English Studies and for General and Comparative Linguistics and Language
Building: Z4, Hubland Süd (UB)
Room: 116

Dr. Anne Schmid

Subject librarian for Archaeology, Cultural Studies of South and East Asia, Art, Music, Romance Studies and Slavic Studies
Building: Z4, Hubland Süd (UB)
Room: 011

Get in touch with us at any time, in writing, by telephone, by e-mail or via our contact form.