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Lending conditions in the departmental library for chemistry

The departmental library for chemistry and pharmacy is a reference library.
You can borrow items from the departmental library under the following conditions:

  • Lending conditions for staff in the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy
    Loan period: 6 months
  • Lending conditions for other University employees
    Loan period: 4 weeks
  • Lending conditions for items needed for a degree dissertation (Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis), a doctoral thesis or post-doctoral degree
    Loan period: 2 weeks
  • Overnight and weekend loans for students and other users ("city users")
    • Overnight loan (Mon -Thu)
      - from 16:00
      -until 9:00 the next day
    • Weekend loan
      - from 12:00 on Friday
      - until 9:00 on Monday