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  • [Translate to Englisch:] Ausschnitt aus dem Stahlstich „Marktbreit“. Aus: Braunfels, Ludwig: Die Mainufer und ihre nächsten Umgebungen…, Würzburg 1847; die Veduten sind gezeichnet u.a. von Fritz Bamberger und August Geist; UB Würzburg, 54/Rp 4,902
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As a regional bibliography, the Lower Franconian Bibliography (Unterfränkische Bibliographie) contains literature about the administrative district of Lower Franconia and geographical and historical neighbouring districts.

To ensure good search results, please note the following:


The bibliography focuses on the modern administrative district of Lower Franconia. Administrative boundaries are exceeded where there are no clear spatial restrictions:

  • The surrounding uplands of Spessart, Rhön and Steigerwald
  • All historic questions relating to the Bishopric of Würzburg
  • The historic interweaving areas of Hohenlohe Franconia, Tauberfranken and Henneberg Franconia.


People are considered relevant who were born in the region and/or lived and worked and/or died in the region.

Combination of different services

Around 200,000 titles about Lower Franconia can now be searched online. To obtain optimal search results, you should combine various services:

Recent literature about Lower Franconia (since 1988) can be found in the Bavarian Bibliography (Bayerische Bibliographie) – the Lower Franconian Bibliography (Unterfränkische Bibliographie) is now part of a collaborative system involving libraries from all seven Bavarian administrative districts. All additions to earlier reporting years are also indexed here.

You can search for literature from 1962–1987 and  literature published up to 1945 in a database in Franconica Online.

More helpful information can be found in the extensive instructions (in German only).