Library tours and more

Introductions to the Library services in the winter term 2009/10

It’s not so easy to find your way round in the library and to use the extensive offer effectively. To help our users – especially the first-year-students – to find the appropriate service for their research work, the library staff presents a lot of training sessions during the whole term.

Our offer ranges from a guided library tour including a look behind the scenery over how to use the library, to introductions to the catalogue and our databases (subject-specific) and  training courses for the use of reference management systems and the use of electronic media.

Please find a list of all our introductory sessions here.

Now you can join "library tutorials for students by students". It's a totally new offer, financed by student fees.

All of them take place in the main library. Meeting point is the information desk in the entrance hall.
Special dates for groups from 5 people or more can be arranged and even individuals can contact us to get a short introduction.

Please contact the Information Centre: (T (0931) 31-85906, E-Mail:

30.09.2009, 14:58 Uhr